**All Rates May Vary on a Number of Factors**
- DJ Ammunition DOES NOT DJ for free. Please respect that true skill is not free, time, expensive equipment, and entertainment is being provided. Exposure is appreciated, but should not be abused. If charity work is needed, please don't hesitate to inquire so that we may work something out.
- DJ Ammunition is a DJ.. Not a promoter. He will be happy to promote socially 110% and bring his fans, friends, and family to your venue, but his services are to keep the people entertained, dancing, and if applicable drinking (Having a great time), please respect the fact the he should not be expected to pack your venue, bar, or club. That is a Promoters job. Unless, discussed and excessive promotions are included in rate with base pay.

DJ Ammunition would like to thank you for your understanding and time in reading the disclaimer. This info is not to be meant in any offense, just setting boundaries in his professionalism.