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The Kid Bootz

Texas-native, The Kid Bootz, started his affair with hip-hop in his school days, freestyling on the block and in the hallways. He began to build a name for himself, though, by rapping at a vast amount of parties throughout the Texas area. With musical influences that span the melodic sounds of Devin The Dude, to Dmx, Eminem and Ron Isley, Bootz credits his varying tastes for allowing him to resist conforming to a box and always being "the same.” His unique sound is built off golden age hip-hop and pop rap, with a soul, gangster, and conscious mentalities. He released a mixtape titled Loss Daze including an unforeseen smash hit "They Want That," a song and visual that gives insight into his feelings toward police violence and government issues. He's also working on another mixtape to follow up the Loss Daze tape, which is currently untitled, ahead of the release of his collaboration album with San
Antonio artist Deuce Dime Don, entitled The Other Side.
Ultimately, he'd like people to understand that there is an authenticity that comes with listening to his music — he's nothing like everything they are used to. His music brings with it a message that you can achieve your goals and make your dreams reality through hard work and dedication. 


As he explains, “life isn't all about the club, parties, and turn-up music. I would like people to take thought-provoking concepts

with they are finished listening." His goals are to transcend the microphone and become a well-known business person with a successful record label; for now, though, he’s dedicated to making uplifting, inspirational,
and meaningful music that the masses can enjoy, without compromising his integrity as an artist/person. He’s in a lane of his own. Should
the right situation present itself, he’d be primed to sign a major label deal; however, he understands that there’s nothing like being an
independent artist. The Kid Bootz has the drive, talent, and – most importantly – the heart, to make his dreams a reality.